Rener Health Products stocks a range of products to supply a whole range of modalities, some of which are designated: PRACTITIONER ONLY. In order to be able to access supply of Practitioner Only products, or even ‘advertising’ such as manuals, product information, access to training seminars etc. you MUST have completed ‘tertiary equivalent’ training in an ORAL MODALITY (or ingestible modality) from a recognised educational institution.Such qualifications as medical practitioner, chiropractor, naturopath, herbalist, TCM practitioner, homeopath, clinical nutritionist, osteopath, vet, dentist, registered nurse, (midwife) etc, generally means access is available to such products. To be eligible to purchase Practitioner Only lines and information, you MUST be a current financial member of your professional association.
Rener Health Products distributes a large range of retail brands available to all account holders. However, please note that there are some retail ranges with restrictions on them due to the policy of the supplier. We understand this may be an inconvenience to you but we have no control over these policies and to maintain supply we must adhere to them.
Rener Health Products Pty Ltd
Physical Address: 17 Vulcan Road Canningvale WA 6155
Postal Address: PO BOX 1327 Canningvale DC WA 6970
Phone Orders: 08 9311 6800
Fax Orders: 08 9311 6899 Email Orders:
Toll Free: 1300 883 716
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