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Rener Health Products | About Us

Rener Health Products is an Australian family owned, local business that is committed to bringing quality natural products, high standard personalised customer service and recent up to date educational events to Practitioners, and health retailers in Australia, with the ultimate goal of naturally improving the health of our community.

We take pride at Rener in being the distributor of an extensive range of natural medicines and alternative healthcare products; representing over 200 different quality brands, making our warehouse a home to over 8000 different products. Our customers include Naturopaths of all specialties, Herbalists, TCM practitioners, Doctors, Chiropractors, and other registered health professionals. In addition we service health food stores as well as pharmacies and other health retailers.

Over the years, we have branched out to cover as many treatment modalities and client requests as possible. We endeavour to provide the very best in the field for you to choose from! From Acupuncture to Zenobiotics, our product knowledge and choice now covers just about every body’s needs.

We are very committed to education as we believe that it is an integral part in the advancement of the industry, therefore we continuously run in co-operation with our suppliers a series of seminars, workshops and other industry related educational events to ensure that we keep our customers and staff up to date with the latest research and products.

The Rener family consists of 39 highly qualified; highly ethical individuals bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your service, 13 members of our staff are qualified Practitioners/Naturopaths who are part of our representatives and customer service team. Our representatives and customer service teams are continuously updating their education and product knowledge through a structured weekly training program in order to provide our customers with a highly knowledgeable team that is capable of offering our customer ongoing education and technical support.

When dealing with Rener, we do not demand stock codes, account numbers or other data-borne requirements to order - you speak to a person who knows the products and codes (we realise this is our internal information requirements, not yours). It is important to us to remain personable and approachable and to provide you with an exceptional customer service experience.

We look forward to being of service to you in the very near future.