Brad Rieniets Scholarship

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The Brad Rieniets Scholarship 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship winner Petina Beckman from Paramount

& to the Runner up Kerrie Rowe from Paramount

The Brad Rieniets Scholarship

Brad Rieniets (1963 -2010), was the founder of Rener Health Products and while his family is no longer involved in Rener Health Products, the company continues to assist the Rieniets Family to promote the scholarship.

Brad played an important role in the Natural Health Industry of WA with an emphasis on education and the sharing of knowledge.

He was an extremely knowledgeable, generous and well respected man who assisted many to find their place within the industry.


Brad was very passionate about natural health and all that it stood for. He had grown up surrounded by it and saw first-hand the positive outcomes for patients. Brad’s family were one of the founding Natural Therapy clinics in Perth with his mother opening one of the first Health Food shops in the early 70’s and his father establishing Rener Health Centre in Attadale. His family today continues to operate the naturopathic clinic.

Brad’s experience as a clinic manager and sales rep lead him to build Rener Health Products which was also borne from a need for better service and to educate people in their goal to better health. Brad understood the needs of patients and practitioners and for him it was all about actively growing and supporting local businesses, having a client first policy and growing this industry because of all it has to offer – the very best of health.

His priorities were to establish relationships and friendships and to offer the best service possible. Brad always liked to have fun and would be the first to crack a joke. Life wasn’t too serious and he encouraged those around him to laugh and enjoy themselves to the full.

The Rieniets Family through the Brad Rieniets Memorial Scholarship aims to support and reward students studying Naturopathy and will provide financial assistance to a person working towards an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy or a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at a College based in Western Australia. The monies will be paid to the College of their choice on behalf of the successful student. The applicant must have completed their first year of studies to be eligible.

This perpetual scholarship honours his memory as the Rieniets Family continue his legacy to assist others.

Graduation Support

Rener's Graduation Support

graduation.jpgRener Health Products over the years have enjoyed taking part in Student Graduations.

The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (A.I.H.M), Endeavour College and Paramount College have passed their wealth of knowledge onto these students,
the students  have put in the hard work and are now ready to celebrate.

Along with some of our wonderful suppliers, we are able to reward the students whom the college believes has excelled in certain areas with an Award and Prize.

Examples of Awards given out:

  • Outstanding Graduate in the field of Nutrition
  • Outstanding Clinician
  • Excellence in Nutritional Prescribing
  • Excellence in Clinical Research
  • Excellence in Clinical Practice
  • Excellence in Herbal Medicine
  • Excellence in Massage

For those who graduate, we at Rener Health like to put together a show bag of information from various Suppliers,  along with samples to showcase what products we have available for them once they have opened an account with us. 

As with all our present customers, any new graduates that open an account with Rener can feel free to call through and speak with one of our Customer Service team members.  As part of our Customer Service Team, we have qualified Practitioners on site to discuss any queries they may have, keeping in mind, they do not put together treatment plans for patients, they are here to pass on product information and knowledge.

As we know Graduates are the future of this industry and we will endeavor to help them in any way possible.

Julie Fergusson
Events Co-ordinator
Rener Health Products